The objectives of this socio-economic database are to support and strengthen the assessment of social impacts and opportunities, and monitoring of basin-wide socio-economic conditions in the Lower Mekong Basin.
The socio-economic database contains basin-wide official socio-economic data of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. It is designed in a way that new data and new indicators can and will be added in the future. At the moment more than half of all indicators contain data.
A list of the currently available socio-economic data can be found in the data inventory. It recommended to check the data inventory first, before using database search function.
HINT: The Quick Data Search does only include one subgroup per indicator. If you need to search across multiple subgroups, then please use the Advanced Search. In the Advanced Search popup, you need to click on an indicator name and select all subgroups you are interested in and then select your areas of interest.
NOTE: Currently, this user-interface of the Socio-economic database is NOT compatible with latest Microsoft Edge browser (as distributed with Windows 10), as the underlying Software DevInfo does not support this browser yet. Supported and recommended browsers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Developed under the MRC Basin Development Plan Programme during 2013-2015